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Group Protests S. Africa Funds

Members of the Harvard College Observatory and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory are protesting the continued use of Smithsonian funds to

Beyond Cynicism War Games

186 pp. $4.95. ONLY the Indochina War-described recently by a veteran as "the biggest nothing in history"-could have produced a

Coop Divorces Trust Co.; Cites Customer Complaints

The Coop and Harvard Trust have agreed to a "friendly divorce," Coop General Manager Howard W. Davis announced yesterday. Davis

Petition Post-Mortems Sing Those Old Free Speech Blues

Several student groups, representing a variety of opinions, have begun circulating petitions knocking Friday's disruption of a pro-war teach-in in

Exhibitions A Delicate Balance

SAMUEL BECKETT struck upon the primary purpose of art in the twentieth century when he observed that "we always find

Organizing Fails

A meeting called to plan future Boston antiwar activities ended inconclusively last night at the M. I. T. student center.

Education For Action To Fund Term Work

Education for Action, a student-run program which sponsors independent volunteer work by Harvard and Radcliffe students, has announced that it

Harvard Leads in Grad School Survey

American university professors consistently rate the quality of graduate faculties at Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley as

Books Bruckner Boulevard? Will They Ever Finish Bruckner Boulevard?

268 pages, Macmillan, $7.95. "AMERICA," remarked Gertrude Stein, "is the oldest nation in the world." America's architecture, sadly, bears out

Coop Elections Symbiosis in the Square

DECADES AGO, in those years before the Square bustled with its hectic profusion of hipboutiques, street people. Xerox services, and

Four Insurgent Candidates Elected by Coop Members

Student members of the Harvard Cooperative Society elected four opposition candidates to the Coop's 23-member board of directors this week.

Campus Unrest Panel Releases Last Report

Finds Most Protests in East Student protests occur most often at large, Eastern liberal arts colleges with high admission standards

Nixon, Campaigning in California, Denounces 'Condoners' of Violence

Addressing a closely-guarded Republican rally last night in Anaheim, Calif., President Nixon called on American voters to reject candidates who

Nixon Offers Cease-Fire In Indochina Peace Move

In a nationally broadcast speech last night, President Nixon proposed an immediate standstill cease-fire in Indochina as a "major new

AmericaThe Pursuit of Loneliness

Boston: Beacon Press. 154 pp. $7.50. "MOST MEN," wrote Henry David Thoreau, "even in this comparatively free country, through mere