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Women's Magazines: A Relaxing Escape

Alcohol is expensive, Sex is dangerous. Drugs are illegal. But women's magazines are simple escapism, for only $2.50 a pop.

Harvard Club Strike Remains in Place

After six months, the Harvard Club of New York remains locked in a fierce labor battle with unionized employees. While

Civil Rights Leaders Discuss Movement

A star-studded panel shared personal interpretations of the civil rights movement of the 1960s at a program honoring the life

Unity In Difference

L ast Wednesday, I approached my editor at The Boston Globe and asked for the rest of the week off

FLY Club Could Turn Co-Ed; Final Vote Expected in Fall

When the undergraduate members of the fly Club voted 28-0 with one abstention last September to admit women, it looked

Women's Groups Proliferate

The limited status of women on the campus social and political scenes has been challenged by the formation of several

On Memorial Drive, Shopping May Stop for Good

A recent decision by the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) to uphold its long-standing ban of trucks on Memorial Drive could

Gilbert's Researcher Suspended

The University has required a post-doctoral student in biology accused of research fraud in the laboratories of the Nobel Prize

Garden Spends Day Without Water

A main Cambridge water line ruptured into 29 Garden Street over the weekend, leaking into the Harvard police station and

Lynx, Bee, Theta Share Members

The presidents of the Bee and the Lynx clubs are among the founders of the local Kappa Alpha Theta chapter,

Lynx Club Hosts North End Party

BOSTON--The "Lynx," a new all-female social club, held a "private party" in the basement of Lucia's Restaurant in the North

Theta Officers Distance Group From 'Lynx' Club

Officers of the local chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta are denying that their organization is related to the "Lynx," a

New Women's Group Begun

A group calling itself the "Lynx" invited a number of Harvard women to a tea in downtown Boston last week,

Notebook of a Secret Santa

Happy holidays, Ben Abbott. I'm afraid I haven't been a very good Eliot House Secret Santa to you. Stifled by

Council Votes to Lock Cigarette Dispensers

In an attempt to prevent minors from buying cigarettes, the Cambridge City Council voted seven to one Monday night to