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Sweet Lacks Flavor

Its been a while since a Woody Allen film evoked anything like raw emotion. His 1996 movie musical Everyone Says

The Most Awful Question

I was especially giddy right before winter break this year. Tired and just recovering from a surprise attack of the

Bringing Broadway to the Pudding

At one time or another most high schools in America mount a production of Guys and Dolls. This is not

The Real Postmodern Dilemma

The moment I heard Camille Paglia say that "poststructuralism is a form of child abuse" during her speech on education

Is 'Life' Really Beautiful?

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL Written, directed by and starting Roberto Benigni Miramax Pictures at Kendall Square Life is Beautiful is a

Adding Color to Sitcom Life

The new movie Pleasantville marks the second time this year that Hollywood has turned its cameras on itself, with interesting

The Top 100 Novels...or Marketing Ploys?

Next semester, if you decide to take a class featuring some of the finest novels written in the 20th century,

A Mickey Mouse Regime

Surprisingly, many seminal events in American popular culture this year have emanated from a single corporation, and no, it's not

The Spielberg Effect

Few people in the motion picture industry have the gall to underestimate Steven Spielberg. But the idea of opening a