Joseph Straus

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Music Department Picks Tison Street To Teach Music 180

The Music Department this month appointed Tison Street '65 as a preceptor to teach Music 180, Harvard's only course in

Wayward Sibling

W hiteness is destructive, repressive and womanish; blackness is vital and masculine: this is the overriding theme of Ray Aranha's

The Great Russian Chain Match

Bruno "the Italian living legend" Sammartino sprawls against the turnbuckle, the air knocked from his chest, the life gone out


Arnold Schoenberg once said "My works are not modern, just badly played." He was speaking of performers who, in a

Parade of Horrors

I T HAS BEEN a long time now since pleasant utopian vision were in literary fashion. In recent days, they

Bossert Gives Diners in Lowell House His 'State of the Plumbing Address'

Fifteen years of inadequate preventive maintenance have led to chronic break-downs of physical equipment in the Houses, William H. Bossert,

The Agony and the Ecstasy

I T WAS NOT A typical beginning of an orchestra concert. The violinists shrieked at the top of their register

A Troubador Beset by Machines

A large women walks onto the empty concert stage. Before the audience has had a chance to quiet down, she

Chen Liang-Sheng

They look like a football team doing their warm-up calisthenics. One--the hands go down, two--they move together, three--out to the