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Why Are We in Texas?

T here is not much to say, it would seem, for a state whose main contributions to the national culture

Phantom of the Cinema

T his story begins on a grey morning, about two weeks ago. We decided to journey to Walden Pond, to

Like Georgia Mud

H ARRY CREWS' father worked for seven years in the 1920s building a road through the Everglades; the first part

The Caribbean Syndicalist Novel

"You're magic," said the agent. "You're me all over." "What you would like to be," I said, "I can make

Laughter, Loneliness and Sex

FASTEN SEAT BELTS PLEASE. The light blinks on overhead, we sink into our seats and careen off into the wild

Mr. Tambourine Man Goes to Hollywood

It is an age of revelation. Tell one, tell all--and get paid for it. Writers write novels about writers, reporters

A Soldier's Dream

I T SEEMS THAT in their final days, empires begin to turn faster and faster, careening along and over everything.

Waylon, Willie and Hank Jr.

H E LIKED RHINESTONE SUITS, and he bought four Cadillacs almost before he bought himself a house. He thought frequent

Sounds Good, B.J.

I N THE FINE Dan Jenkins novel this movie is loosely based on, the prefix semi- attached to an adjective