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Divesting of Divestment

B IRDS OF a feather flock together, to coin a phrase. To coin another, less quotable one, when inclement weather

Committee Selects 20 Finalists Who Are to Visit Luxembourg

Twenty lucky students have just won an all-expenses paid trip to Luxembourg; included in this special offer is the chance

Masters Neglected Report Calling for SCR Changes

Most masters neglected a two year-old Undergraduate Council report that called for sweeping changes to make the Senior Common Rooms

Sharansky To Address Students

The apartment fits Americans' conception of a Soviet dwelling, with bare walls, simple furnishings, a dark, out-of-the-way location--and of course

Brinkley Decides to Take Tenured Post at CUNY

Dunwalke Associate Professor of History Alan M. Brinkley has accepted a tenured post in the prestigious graduate faculty of the

RAZA Letter Blasts Racism In Reaction to Razo Case

A campus organization of Mexican-American students yesterday characterized the reaction of much of the Harvard community to the arrest of

Glasnost at Harvard

T HE SOVIET Union has gotten a lot of good press lately. It has opened a few satellite facilities to

Hundreds Attend Service In Memory of Vanderpool

Hundreds of students and family members gathered in Quincy House yesterday to mourn the death of James "Jay" H. Vanderpool

PBH Hires Public Service Director For Understaffed Student Programs

From her newly created post as director of public service programs, Shelly L. Taylor '83 will assist the College's several