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By Jeffrey S. Nordhaus

Twenty lucky students have just won an all-expenses paid trip to Luxembourg; included in this special offer is the chance to schmooze with some of the world's leading diplomats and businessmen.

But wait, there's more.

In addition to these 20, 10 of the organizers of the tour and a handful of faculty and administrators will also go on the luxury two-week vacation, which will be hosted by Luxembourg's one and only prime minister, Jacques Santer.

The 30 students and faculty have been accorded the chance to go overseas as representatives of America in an international conference, marking the 40th anniversary of the announcement of the Marshall Plan at Harvard's 1947 Commencement, organizers said.

In Luxembourg, the Harvard contingent will meet with about 400 scholars, statesmen and businessmen from across Europe and the United States, said Alexander Shustorovich '88 who organized the Harvard end of the conference.

The students were chosen by a committee chaired by Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III and comprised of 10 students, who are members of either Model Congress Europe or the Harvard Political Affairs Council.

Committee members conducted personal interviews with the applicants as wellas considering an application essay and instructorrecommendation from every would be tourist.

Although some students suggested that thecommittee might have used favoritism or elitismwhen selecting the conference representatives,Shustarovich and Epps defended the committee'sprocess of selection.

Epps called the process "very rigorous andfair."

Shustarovich, who said the initial pool of 50students was created by a blind reading of theapplications, said the committee looked forcertain tangible qualities in the applicants.

The committee tried to choose students who themembers thought would be "good ambassadors ofHarvard and of the United States," Shustarovichsaid.

But, he added, "It didn't hurt to bewell-dressed."

Amy B. Zegart '89, who was selected to attendthe conference, said of the process, "Just becauseit is selective doesn't mean it is elitist."

The students selected are: Andrea L. Campbell'88, Jack C. Chen '88, Rushika J. Fernandopulle'89, Andrea Destine, Jennifer A. Dunne '89, DavidL. Hays '90, Adele C. Iorio '89, Erik E. Kaplan'89, Stephan J. Klasen '91, Eugene E. Lee '88,Meredith G. Lazo '89, Ann Marie Leshkowich '89,Michael E. Raynor '90, Thomas I. Savage '91, MiaT. von Sudovsky '89, L. Mark Suzman '90, Drory S.Tendler '88, Darreld R. Turner '91, Zegart andAleksandar Zorovic '90.

The students previously selected to attend theconference because they were involved inorganizing it are: Alex L. Bangs '88, KimberleyHarris '90, Theodore J. F. Lubke '89, Frederick J.Metters '88, Brian J. McGill '88, Brendan W.Randall '88, Marilynn J. Richtarik '88, Charles E.Ryan '89, Shustorovich, and Russell J. Wilcox '89.

The alternates are Jeffrey S. Glueck '91, MarkD. Payson '90, Jessica Marc '90, Debra E. Benor'90 and Evan J. Mandery '89

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