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Making Harvard Better

At Harvard, reading period tends to be a time focused on the past and the very near future. Despite your

History and Change at Harvard

In the final chapter of his 1990 book The University: An Owner’s Manual , former Dean of the Faculty Henry

A True Guide to Concentrations

Elite seminars, with no room for falling behind. Lots of students, with room either to hobnob your way to great

You Need To Get Away

My first week here, a tenured professor told me to get lost. In the keynote speech of the "Hub of

A Thesis Diary

As of March 1, I have successfully completed my thesis. After a little laundry, a lot of rest and a

Editorial Notebook: Intolerance and School Violence

On Monday, Santana High School was rocked by the sort of tragedy that has occurred with alarming frequency in the

Columnist Outtakes

As a child, being slowly weaned off cartoons, my favorite part of the newspaper was the columns. Not editorial colums--these

The First Section

"Hello, and welcome to the first section of Literature and Arts D-16: 'The Image of Heraclitus in Democratic America and

Taking It All In

Retroactively, I have found I had a real winter break this year. I didn't think of it as a vacation.