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Peace Plan Remains Flawed

The peace accord ignores the basic right of the Palestinians to their own state. M y mother stared at the

Harvard Changes Paper Type

Harvard will switch from 100 percent recycled paper products to partially recycled paper products this fall. But University officials say

FDO Nixes Yard Plate Hunt for First-Years

The Freshman Dean's Office (FDO) last week postponed the traditional Yard Plate Hunt, Associate Dean of Freshmen, W.C. Burriss Young

Murder Cover-Up Discussed

A Puerto Rican senator discussed new evidence incriminating the United States government in the recently reopened "Cerro Maravilla" case with

Official Faults Bureaucracy

A senior Bush campaign official condemned excessive bureaucracy as the source of U.S. economic and social problems in a speech

Living on the Edge

Mid-way through his sophomore year at Harvard, Bartle Bull'93 and his roommate moved into a two-bedroom suite with hardwood floors,

Cops Nab Coop Robbery Suspect

Boston police have arrested a man who allegedly robbed the Harvard Business School Cooperative Society last week, department officials said

Asian-Americans Debate Stereotypes

The Asian-American Association (AAA) debated stereotypes with which Asian-American students are labeled in a panel discussion last night. The five-person

Students Win Luce Awards

A senior and a recent graduate of Harvard are among this year's winners in the Luce Scholars Program, College officials

Students May View Admissions Comments

The Harvard Admissions Office now must release students' application "summary sheets" because of a Department of Education ruling that says

Advocate Nader Begins 'Campaign'

BOSTON--Consumer advocate Ralph Nader kicked off a somewhat unconventional presidential campaign yesterday, calling for reforms in the presidential election process

Creative Writing Professor Wins Major Research Grant

A Harvard creative writing professor won a three-year research grant from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund, award officials announced earlier

The Helping Hands Of Trainer B.J. Baker

As one of Harvard's six official athletic trainers, B.J. Baker is heavily involved in the daily grind of athletics. He

Off-Campus Parties Fill Gap

With no student center or Greek system, Harvard doesn't exactly have the reputation of a "party school." But some undergraduates,

Time-Warner Gives Literary Center Gift

The Center for Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) has received a gift of $50,000 from Time-Warner Inc., according to the