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The ‘Free Speech’ Agenda

At Harvard, hard-left radicals, led by Professor J. Lorand Matory ’82, claim that they are being muzzled. At last week’s

Matory’s Words Are 'Demonstrably False'

To the editors: Every single word written about me by Professor J. Lorand Matory '82 is demonstrably false (“Israel and

Plagiarism Accusations Unfairly Characterized

CORRECTION APPENDED To the editors: In her comment, “One Week Later” (Apr. 28), Lauren Schuker wrote that I “recently stood

Dershowitz: I Never Suppressed Israeli Pilots’ Free Speech

To the editors: I was surprised and disappointed to see The Crimson publish a story about Norman G. Finkelstein’s demonstrably

Discredited Charges Should Not Be Repeated

The Crimson apparently believes that plagiarism is so serious a charge that even absolute innocence is not a defense (News,

Professor Dershowitz 'Rests His Case'

I have proven beyond any doubt that what Norman Finkelstein and Alexander Cockburn have accused me of doing—properly quoting material

Plagiarism Accusations Political, Unfounded

To the editors: I simply do not understand the charge of plagiarism leveled against me by Norman Finkelstein and Alexander


Withdrawing Paulin's Invitation Unnecessary

To the editors: By all accounts this Paulin fellow the English Department invited to lecture here is a despicable example

The Petitioners' Big Lie

The new big lie circulating around the Harvard campus is that critics of Israel have been labeled anti-Semitic. The most


Debate Coverage Misses Point of Argument

To the editors: It’s bad enough that the reporter assigned to cover my speech at Winthrop House sought his first

A Challenge to House Master Hanson

In my 38 years of teaching at Harvard Law School, I don’t recall ever writing in praise of any action

Barr's 'Real Americans'

Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia--the member of the House Judiciary Committee who wanted President Clinton to be impeached even before

Chasing Clinton, Stretching The Law

T he questionable law enforcement techniques being employed by Kenneth Starr against President Clinton should be a cause of concern

Surviving in a P.C. World

I t has been widely reported that since 1988 more than half the marriages involving American Jews have been to

Defining Academic Freedom

S hould a distinguished Harvard professor of psychiatry be subject to formal investigation and potential discipline for doing research on