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The Internet: Democracy Potentate

D uring a characteristically misguided State of the Union address a few years back, our not-so-fearless leader extolled the virtues

Those I Will Not Forget

If your parents attended college, ask them to name three of their professors. Unless your folks are academics or had


Bring Back the May Pole

The Soviet empire is so passe. Diplomats gloat over the fall of the evil empire while economists gleefully herald the


The Naked Comet

Like most kids fortunate enough to grow up outside of the light-polluted and smog-ridden metropolis, I was fascinated by the


Stay Away From Me

In case you've been too busy writing your thesis to notice, spring is almost upon us. The bolder of songbirds


Beneath the Denim Tree

Who would have thought that Inferno and a pair of jeans would be the cultural artifacts employed to discuss eschatology


Taking The Day Off

President's Day is almost here again, and across campus the preparations have begun in earnest. Skis are being waxed, alarm


Mayberry Is Burning

Sometimes "progress" should be stopped dead in its tracks. Two years ago, my sleepy hometown of Chappaqua, New York was

Portraits From Epsom

U.S. highways and the towns that line them have long since been eclipsed by the Interstate and strips of EconoLodges


Aroostook Country, ME--If you take a map of the United States and place your thumb over Maine, Aroostook County lies