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In Vitriol, Veritas

The UC Things I'll miss... Harvard-Yale shuttles, the Party Fund, HoCo subsidies, maybe 24-Hour Libraries? Things I won't... The UC.

Senior Gift Plus Disbands

Two days after the University announced it would withdraw its investment from PetroChina, the Beijing-based oil company with ties to

Falling Out of Love

I woke up this morning and, amazingly, didn’t hit snooze. I jumped right up. I went to my phone to

The Ride and Fall

August 11, 2004—Rockhampton (Beef Capital of Australia) Amazingly, absolutely no experience or knowledge is necessary to ride a bull. When

Roughing It (Sort Of)

SOMEWHERE IN AUSTRALIA—I arrive at the Bald Rock Bush Retreat expecting to check the prices and move on, but after

Hedging Your Bets

I’m a late convert to Hold ‘Em (the popular five-card poker game), but I’ve always been a card player. In