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Aspiring Lawyer Recesses at U.S. Supreme Court

Like thousands of 22-year-olds before him, Krishna A. Rao ’05 planned to travel the summer after graduating from college. With

In Vitriol, Veritas

The UC Things I'll miss... Harvard-Yale shuttles, the Party Fund, HoCo subsidies, maybe 24-Hour Libraries? Things I won't... The UC.

The Giving Me?

Senior Gift is a worthy cause. I have seen the evidence. Last year, as a junior loitering on campus during

Senior Gift Plus Disbands

Two days after the University announced it would withdraw its investment from PetroChina, the Beijing-based oil company with ties to

End, Paper! No. Wait...

Odi, et amo. I hate thee, and I love thee. The first line of a poem by Catullus that was

Falling Out of Love

I woke up this morning and, amazingly, didn’t hit snooze. I jumped right up. I went to my phone to

The Ride and Fall

August 11, 2004—Rockhampton (Beef Capital of Australia) Amazingly, absolutely no experience or knowledge is necessary to ride a bull. When

Roughing It (Sort Of)

SOMEWHERE IN AUSTRALIA—I arrive at the Bald Rock Bush Retreat expecting to check the prices and move on, but after

Hedging Your Bets

I’m a late convert to Hold ‘Em (the popular five-card poker game), but I’ve always been a card player. In

Students Turn To Drugs To Study

Under the pressure of five classes and a heavy computer science workload, Joe said he resorted to taking Ritalin last

Kirkland Senior Tutor To Step Down, Taking Post at Washington Bank

After her third semester in the post, Kirkland House’s Senior Tutor is leaving to take a position with an international

Busy Matthews Driven by Passion

Chris Matthews sits in his room in The Charles Hotel three hours before the sixth and final segment of “Hardball:

Student Assaulted Near Adams House

A female undergraduate was assaulted late last night in the parking lot of St. Paul’s Church near Adams House, according

Rohypnol Warning Spreads Unevenly

Despite an effort by the new Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response last Monday to alert students to a

UHS Allegedly Bungled Case

Those close to one of the two recent victims of date-rape drug poisoning say that University Health Services (UHS) bungled