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Harvard Fund Investors Earn Record Salaries

As the stock market wobbles, officials at the Harvard Management Company (HMC) are reaping the rewards of last year's bull

University's Investment in Playboy Garners Criticism

Leaders of the Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) criticized the University's investment policies in a meeting last night after a

Rudenstine Defends Need-Based Aid Before Commission

BOSTON--Harvard's prime weapon in its battle against the rising cost of higher education is need-based financial aid, President Neil L.

Rudenstine Calls on Alums To Make Harvard 'Forever'

Harvard garnered another Latin epigram this Saturday: Harvars longa, fortuna breva, pecunia fugienta. "Fortune is fickle, the markets will falter,

Rudenstine Honored for Diversity Efforts at Gala Event

More than 400 luminaries enjoyed jazz and wine, entertainment and enlightenment last night at a Fogg Art Museum event organized

Rudenstine Says FAS Criticisms Are Justified

Faculty of Arts and Sciences' (FAS) officials are correct in their concerns and criticisms of the central administration's funding model,

FAS Report Calls Center's Funds Into Question

The central administration's management of Harvard's financial assets is seriously flawed, according to a report released to the full Faculty

$400 Million-Per-Year Fundraising Rate Will Continue After Campaign

Harvard's $2.1 billion, five-year Capital Campaign is nearly over, but don't tell that to the University's fundraisers. They have no

Endowment Growth Has muted Effects

Harvard announced two weeks ago that its endowment has soared to $11 billion. Now students are asking what--with yearly tuition,