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Item: Industrialist James Gority, late of Adrian, Michigan, has bequeathed $5,000 to Notre Dame to make available to undergraduates courses

Egg in Your Beer

Why can't Harvard University support 1600 law students' much-needed hours of exercise (see page 2) when it seems to be

Sextet Wins Second Game; Bests B. U. in Dull Tilt, 3-1

This year's Crimson hockey team may not be as good as last year's; but B.U. is nowhere near as good.

They're All Amateurs in Washington

First in war, first in peace, and obviously putting on the EARC regatta for the first time--that's Washington D.C. Not

Navy Crews Win EARC; Varsity, '56 Get Seconds

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 16--Twenty feet more and the Crimson varsity crew would be the best in the East. Four feet


Harvey Love leaned back in his chair in the coaches' office at Nowell Boat house tugged on his weather beaton

Egg in Your Beer

Trying to write about spring when its 14 degrees on the windy corner of Boylston and Mass. Ave. is ridiculous.

Crimson Six Overtakes Yale to Win Again 4-2

They played without both their first-string defensemen; they took the ice with the knowledge that they couldn't win the Pentagonal


Down at Walter Brown's Ice Palace Crimson varsity hockey adherents are more than hopeful. They are confident. Even Coach Cooney