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Doubtful Deferments

Much like the trainer whose stunt horse finally begins acting out of habit and not merely for sugar, draft officials

Buck to Resign Administrative Duties July 1; Selection of President Expected Before June

Provost Paul H. Buck yesterday stated that he will resign July 1 to resume his professorship of History. At the

Buck Responsible For Major College Changes

Provost Buck is no newcomer to power. Ever since 1945 when he was appointed Provost of the Faculty and Dean

Provost Buck: Consistent Freedom

Provost Paul Herman Buck is a great believer in consistency. But his is not a consistency limited to the narrow

Detectives Investigate $250 Theft from Liberal Union

Cambridge police yesterday assigned two detectives to solve the theft of more than $250 from Liberal Union film proceeds. Milton

Faculty Considers Parietal Changes at Meeting Today

The last vestige of College puritanism--House regulations for women guests--comes up for review by the Faculty today. The Faculty will

Harvard-Bound Doctor Fights Hunger, Storms

Thomas R. A. Davis came to Harvard the hard way. Through storm and calm, for 10,000 miles, he sailed across

University-bound Ketch Docks Here

After five months at sea, Thomas R. Davis, student-to-be at the School of Public Health, docked last night at the

A Candidate's Day

On the platform at Pittsfield had gathered the pols with their gray vests and Chesterfield coats. They were the same

Conant and Stevenson Meet for Brief Parley

Governor Adlai Stevenson yesterday paid an unscheduled visit to President Conant in Massachusetts Hall. What transpired at the meeting and

Small Athletic Injuries Can Be Bad, Says Doctor

Ostensible minor injuries suffered in organized college athletics may later lead to serious complications unless properly cared for. This is

The Campaign

Washington's open-collared, arm-flailing Republican Senator Harry P. Cain is fighting desperately for his political life. Although endorsed outright by Eisenhower,

Missing Student Contacts New York Home Indirectly

The disappearance of Roy S. Durstine Jr. '56 appeared to be solved early this morning after his father informed the

Split Within YDC Complete; Tobin Asks Money Return

University Hall yesterday indicated that it would not recognize the Young Democrat splinter group as long as the new-born organization

The Rounds

There are four major political candidates in Massachusetts, and five central campaign headquarters to service them. Last week we visited