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M R. CHILDS' study of the Swedish economy is aptly called "The Middle Way." In finding and establishing the golden

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I N this little book the author of "Look Homeward Angel" and "Of Time and the River" tells us about

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H ERE are three books on war that are eminently worth reading. They are varied in tone and content but

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JOHN REED died of typhus on the seventeenth of October, 1920, and was buried under the Kremlin. "In America the

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You wouldn't think "Thirteen Hours By Air" would be any good if we told you the story of it. It's

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"Follow the Fleet" heads a very good bill at the University Theatre today and tomorrow. The Irving Berlin music, sung

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T HE SUBJECT of the men who conduct and their orchestras is both intriguing and dangerous. The fascinations surrounding a


A GREAT DEAL of carping has been done about the inaccuracies of fact in Lucius Beebe's charming picture of Boston

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F. I. Shaffner, Instructor in Economics and Tutor in the Division of History, Government and Economics, has published his study