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A Failing Grade

Yesterday's Financial Times headline said it all: "US students flunk test." Confirming what we already knew, but were afraid to

Boredom, Ambition at All-Time High

A recent poll, commissioned by the American Council on Education and conducted by researchers at UCLA, claims that our classmates,

Can Our Doubt Save Us?

I read this week's lead article in The New York Times Magazine with some skepticism and a pinch of admiration.

Children Or Premature Adults?

M onday night's ARCO Forum of Public Affairs on "Sex, Commercialism and the Disappearance of Childhood" had very little to

Beyond Personalities in Foreign Policy

U nited States foreign policy these days seems to have as much to do with personality as ideas. On Friday,

A New American Individualism

T he image of American individualism is changing from the lone cowboy on the range to the lone parent at

Moral Politics and the Polls

W atching the situation of morals in politics these days is kind of like viewing a silent slapstick film. Just

Envisioning an Education

R eaders beware! Do not be confused by Professor Paul Peterson's latest piece in this month's Commentary magazine on school

Looking for a Victim in the North Korean Famine

V ictim politics is always a confusing game. It is hard to separate out our feelings: Are we to be