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The War Next Door

Before I left to spend a year in Israel, I bought some art supplies, expecting to use them with children


Leaving the Left Behind

As my four years here draw to what seems like an absurdly abrupt end, I have been trying to sum


A Tribute to Shira

As the semester nears its end and holiday spirit cheers the campus, the annual sense of happiness and joy usually

Remembering Shira

This was originally delivered as a eulogy at the funeral of Shira Palmer-Sherman '02, on Dec. 24, 2000. I've always

The search committee rank and file

The Academics Sharon E. Gagnon, president of the Board of Overseers, will have a long commute for committee meetings. A

OCS Report Shows Fewer Bound for Medical School

Following a national trend, the number of Harvard seniors applying to medical school fell for the third consecutive year according

Harvard Alum Named Poet Laureate

Stanley J. Kunitz '26 will be the country's tenth poet laureate, the Library of Congress announced Monday, succeeding Robert Pinksy

Foundation Gives HMS $45 Million To Fight TB

In the largest ever private donation to fight tuberculosis, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation last week awarded a five-year,

New Dean Appointed at Kennedy School

J. Bonnie Newman, a former senior aide to both Presidents Bush and Reagan, was named the new executive dean of

Berkowitz, Harvard Face Off In Court

Harvard moved Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit brought against the University by a professor denied tenure two years ago. Former

Roll Call: Scoping Who Will Choose the Next President

The Harvard Corporation released the names of the nine members of Harvard's presidential search committee, a secretive group of people

Students, Faculty Left Out of Process

The men and women who hold Harvard's future in their hands will be under continuous scrutiny over the coming months

Rudenstine Appoints Committee to Advise New Radcliffe Institute

An advisory committee of leading scholars and academics will help the new Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study with its initial

New Guidelines Further Restrict Professors' Outside Activities

In a the midst of debate over the merits of distance learning and Internet colleges, the University unveiled a new

Brown University Sued for Negligence in Suicide Case

Opening arguments began Wednesday in a civil suit brought against Brown University by the mother of a student who committed