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Dershowitz’s Challenge To Hanson Courageous

To the editors: Harvard University occupies the preeminent place among institutions of learning in America, and it is a colossal

Happy New Year

I ran into Neil Leon Rudenstine a week or so ago. He is a dude from less-than-scenic Danbury, Connecticut whose

Dignified Day Ends Media Frenzy; With Harvard Silent, Gossip Ruled

The ancient Harvard Corporation is nothing if not secretive. The half-dozen "fellows" of the University--captains of industry and academic dinosaurs--release

In the Future...

Goodness. The rumor mill has been all atwitter, ajangle, alive with talk of a 13th house. Nevermind Dudley--they mean a

The Rise and Fall of the Houses

The House system--in which students in the College spend all but their first year in one of 12 small residential

Low-Key President Raised Cash, Not Voice

When Neil L. Rudenstine took over the Harvard administration in 1991, he said he would stay for ten years. Somehow,

Fifteen Minutes: The Wolfe in Chic Clothing: FM Examines Tom Wolfe's Dubious Masculinity

Manliness runs a deep course through American life, but it is hard to find at Harvard, says Tom Wolfe. The

Bush Spent Undergrad Years Away From Politics

He arrived at Yale a legacy, the grandson of a Senator, the son of a member of Congress. But throughout

Management Troubles Darken HIID's Future

Since the presidency of Derek C. Bok, Neil L. Rudenstine's predecessor, Harvard University has been anxious to minister to the