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Loss Of Summers’ Strong Leadership A Shame

To the editors: Re: “Summers Resigns; Bok Will Be Interim Chief,” news, Feb. 22. For three of my four years


Dershowitz’s Challenge To Hanson Courageous

To the editors: Harvard University occupies the preeminent place among institutions of learning in America, and it is a colossal

Happy New Year

I ran into Neil Leon Rudenstine a week or so ago. He is a dude from less-than-scenic Danbury, Connecticut whose

Dignified Day Ends Media Frenzy; With Harvard Silent, Gossip Ruled

The ancient Harvard Corporation is nothing if not secretive. The half-dozen "fellows" of the University--captains of industry and academic dinosaurs--release

The Rise and Fall of the Houses

The House system--in which students in the College spend all but their first year in one of 12 small residential

In the Future...

Goodness. The rumor mill has been all atwitter, ajangle, alive with talk of a 13th house. Nevermind Dudley--they mean a

Low-Key President Raised Cash, Not Voice

When Neil L. Rudenstine took over the Harvard administration in 1991, he said he would stay for ten years. Somehow,

Fifteen Minutes: The Wolfe in Chic Clothing: FM Examines Tom Wolfe's Dubious Masculinity

Manliness runs a deep course through American life, but it is hard to find at Harvard, says Tom Wolfe. The

Bush Spent Undergrad Years Away From Politics

He arrived at Yale a legacy, the grandson of a Senator, the son of a member of Congress. But throughout

Management Troubles Darken HIID's Future

Since the presidency of Derek C. Bok, Neil L. Rudenstine's predecessor, Harvard University has been anxious to minister to the

Harvard Hosts Chinese Scholars

Harvard played host to an international education summit over the weekend, setting up a two-day colloquium between seven presidents from

Government Department Scrutinized for Faculty Rift

Most government concentrators come to their department expecting to immerse themselves in the history of Congress, the courts and the

Development Office Woos Donors With That Harvard Charm

In the University Development Office (UDO), housed in a posh office building off Brattle Square, charity is big business. For


In the University Development Office (UDO), housed in a posh office building off Brattle Square, charity is big business. For

Knafel Wants Others To Imitate Him

When you've got nothing you've got nothing to lose. So sang Bob Dylan about destitution. Sidney R. Knafel '52 has