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Randomization Reassessed

W ith the exit of this year's seniors and the ascent of the first years from the Yard to the

Taking Back the Whole Night

This has been a strange month for women's issues. President Clinton, arguably the president most favorable to women's rights, the

A Blurred Church and State Line

This past fall in DeKalb, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, the public high school held an assembly. Seems innocuous enough,

The Lowdown on Prop. 227

California is once again at the forefront of American political battles, and the confrontation that is emerging doesn't bode well

Bipartisan Games

Less than two weeks ago, while we were still on our so-called intersession break, the President addressed the country and

Pamela Lee and the Internet

T he hottest news on the other side of the country is a new video. Not surprisingly, given that this

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

"Tis the season to be jolly (tra la la ...)." Or at least so declare the Christmas carols that are


Last week, Yale University announced that it was officially prohibiting sexual relationships between professors and students. Dartboard is, quite frankly,

Discovering Manliness in Mather

I have discovered the meaning of guyness. You're intrigued, I am sure. Lord knows I was. But before I tell