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A Long, Hot Summa

Friday evening. FRED: Hey George, got any action lined up for this weekend? GEORGE: What's this weekend? FRED: Spring Weekend--Gala

Slow Motion

The Faculty Committee on the Houses voted last Wednesday to extend House parietal hours to midnight on Saturday evenings after

The Compleat Scholar

Unfortunately, I never finished high school, because my parents sent me to a private school at the age of 14.

Jacques Loeb: Bridging Biology and Metaphysics

Donald Fleming's new edition of Loeb's Mechanistic Conception of Life explains both the former stellar position and the present eclipse

My Plan for Student Government (and World Power)

"What do you think's going to happen to the HCUA?" "To the what?" "The Harvard Council for Undergraduate Affairs, our

The Flip Side

In response to the recent outbreak of obscene phone calls to Radcliffe girls, the Radcliffe administration has ordered suspicious calls

A Matter of Style

On page 129 of his titillating roman a clef, Comparative Animal Physiology, Professor C. Ladd Prosser writes: "Many gastropod and

Utopia, Limited

More than once, people have come up to me on the street and said of Timothy Swazey (rhymes with "crazy")

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra

The HRO now has a young, disciplined, and demanding conductor who likes good music (the music I like) and insists