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Student, Teach Thyself

W ITH THE POISE EXPECTED of a fine actor, the performer recites his final line and exits, stage right, to

The King and I

"Do you know what I mean by a relatively free press? I mean a free press which is edited by

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Reporter

T HE RAIN pours down at Dusseldorf airport. Former President of Portugal General Antonio Ribeiro de Spinola emerges from his

Confessions of An Opera Star

The lights dim, and a hush falls over the audience. A trumpet fanfare pierces the silence; suddenly a spotlight beam,

Illness as Simile

I F, AS MANY CRITICS have claimed, Kobo Abe is the best living Japanese novelist, it may only be because

The Topology of Everyday Life

A SPECTRE IS haunting science--the spectre of catastrophe theory. It is with this sense of drama that Alexander Woodcock and

Heartbreak Hilarity

'O H, THIS HOUSE, this house!" moans one character. "Oh, this is a crazy house," wails another. "Is this England,

Murder by Chance

T HE WORLD'S BEST-SELLING science fiction writer is a man you've probably never heard of. With over six million books

Freshman Cleared In Explosion Scare

The Administrative Board decided yesterday not to consider action against Phillip J. Atkinson '82 for keeping nitroglycerine in the Science