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Angela and SCLC: 'Gutsy and we'll survie.' (Part II)

B ECAUSE THE same doubt, within by the shared horror of white ultraviolence in Birmingham (and later in half-a-hundred Southern

Angela and SCLC: 'We're black and we're proud and we're broke, but gutsy and we'll survive.'

N OT LONG after a predominantly female jury cleared her of coneptracy in the massacre at the Marin County Hall

Mass. Re-Elects Brooke to Senate By 100,000 Votes

By an expected margin of 100,000 votes Senator Edward Brooke won re-election yesterday defeating John Droney Middlesex County District Attorney.

A Troubled Alliance Endures

I N EARLY JULY, shortly before the Democratic Convention, Simon and Schuster published Julian Bond's first books. A Time to

Ain't They Got No Shame?

DEREK CURTIS BOK- By virtue of the authority granted to me by the Corporation and the Board of Overseers, in

Ethnic Catering Service Comes to Harvard

I W HILE you were probably away, the Ethnic Catering Service made a two-day pit stop at Harvard as it

Void In Spades-II

W ITH THE EXCEPTION of '56--when Eisenhower was mistakenly credited for the Supreme Court decision on integration in '54--the bulk

Void in Spades--I

I F RICHARD NIXON can be beaten in 1972, it is essentially because he is still fundamentally vulnerable to the

Craft Strike Looms As Talks Deadlock

Contract negotiations between the University and the Crafts Maintenance Council, which represents 350 University employees, have reached a point of