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Life at Harvard-Herzegovina

W e didn't make it through a full academic year without a student group ambushing some Harvard administrator with charges

From 'Poon to Perspective, The Two Sides of a Paradox

A FEIXED TO THE BULLETIN board in the debate office at Regis High School in New York City are two

Preying on Perotians

J uly 11, 1992 should not have been a relaxing day for George Bush. He was running third in the

Kevin Phillips' Boiling Point Is Not so Hot

Last June, Ross Perot became the first independent or third-party candidate in the history of American polling to surpass the

Apple Blasts Media in Speech

Veteran New York Times reporter R.W. Apple Jr. railed against the current state of American journalism last night in a


T hey say it's the Year of the Woman, and, according to Professor Marjorie Garber, "Woman" can apply to a

What They Said in '91 About '92

N ow that it's 1993, it's probably a good time to review all the galactically idiotic things that people in

Sunburned From Media Glare

L ITTLE ROCK, ARK.--Arkansasans and non-Arkansasans have at least one thing in common these days: None of us know how

Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead

W hen President-elect Clinton runs for reelection in four years, he will most likely face current Housing and Urban Development


W e need Perot," Jesse Hubbard says plaintively, "because he can beat the Establishment. He has the money to beat

Bush: Sleeping Scared

WASHINGTON--George Bush's fear is almost palpable. You see it in his eyes, you hear it in the worried tones of

White House Rumors And Roving Reporters

WASHINGTON--IN THE SUMMER of 1979, Jimmy Carter was attacked by a killer bunny. He was fishing near his home in

Shady Elements

W ASHINGTON, D.C.--"They can fight with each other from now till November as far as I'm concerned," Bill Clinton said

Summers of Hate

W hen our class left Harvard," Suzanne R. Garment '67 says, "the country was in a state of urban crisis."

Gates Makes a Strong Defense of Multiculturalism and Afro-American Studies in Latest Collection of Essays

Loose Canons: Notes On the Culture Wars by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Oxford University Press $19.95 "HE SIMPLY DOES NOT