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How the Loan Sharks Ate My Diploma

I f Bill Clinton needs some kind of incentive to simplify the student loan lending process, he should come watch

Will the Real Roth Stand Up?

P hilip Roth makes readers skeptical of his new novel from the outset. "For legal reasons," he says in the


T hey say it's the Year of the Woman, and, according to Professor Marjorie Garber, "Woman" can apply to a

Getting Race Relations Into Group I

W hen Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III made his evaluation of race relations and how Harvard deals with

Protesting for Privacy

O peration Rescue is in Boston today planning to harass women outside abortion clinics around the metropolitan area. There are

Risky Business

Forget trickle-down economics. The biggest disaster of 12 years of Republican rule was that there were no kids in the

Going Random

W ith a plan for altering the non-ordered choice lottery system on the docket, the Undergraduate Council and the Committee

Fact, Fiction and Ford In New Updike Novel

Memories of the Ford Administration by John Updike Alfred A. Knopf, $23 "Was there ever a Ford Administration? Evidence for

Get a Job

T hey certainly knew how to party in the Land of Oz. Last night proved pretty raucus for the United