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Crimson Batsmen Lose to Princeton As Three-Run Inning Decides Game

PRINCETON, N.J., May 4--Princeton's baseball team picked up three runs in the bottom of the eighth inning today, held on

Crimson Defeats B.U., 5-4

The sun shone on Soldiers Field for a full five minutes this afternoon--6:15 until 6:20, and it was in these

Quaker Nine Topples Crimson 4-3

Soldiers' Field has been windy and cold for some time now. Yesterday it was very windy and very cold, and

Potent Quaker Nine Meets Unbeaten Crimson Today

The varsity nine clashes with the Blue and Red from Quakertown at the stadium this afternoon, and coach Norm Shepard

New Sonic Drill Sets Foundation

A "sonic pile-hammer" is now driving the piles for its first building foundation--that of the new building for the Geology