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MS Word 6.0

Microsoft Word has become the most popular word processor for the Macintosh and for PCs running Windows by being both

FM Profiles

Headline Ignore this Ax Home: Falmouth, Mass. and Cabot House Library Suite Concentration: Chemistry (but not a pre-med) Et cetera:

A Computer Christmas

Ho ho! Christmas is now just around the corner, and Chanukah begins at sundown tomorrow night, which means it's not


Like credit cards, e-mail accounts have flourished on the Harvard campus. Along with the pleasant surprise at the convenience of


Now that you've gained e-mail mastery, it's time to go a step further in our exploration of UNIX. The next


Microsoft, which became the world's largest personal computer software maker by selling MS-DOS, is now trying to repeat the success


When current U.S. chess champion Patrick Wolff, of Somerville, lost a game to his opponent on Saturday, he was less

Dear PC:

Since I began writing this column nearly a year ago, I've had the chance to finally sort through all my

Time For Commitment

Three years ago, telling your friends you were an "e-mailer" would do as much good to your reputation as belonging