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100 Works by W. Krupsaw

As I stood in the basement of the Visual Arts Center watching Mr. Krupsaw post several announcements of his show,

Woman in the Dunes

Women in the Dunes, you might have guessed, tells the story of a woman and a man in a hole,


With their usual flare for understatement, some critics called the director of M, Fritz Lang, "th greatest of the great."

Cosi Fan Tutte

Usually I go to movies, but since the CRIMSON's opera reviewer had to go to a Phi Beta Kappa meeting,

The Lampoon

On page 14 of the "Mods and Rockers Number" of the Lampoon, you will find an occasionally funny article by

Communications Through Typography

Visiting the big shows at the Carpenter Center is always a challenge, especially if you go early, before the brochures-that-explain-the-thing


When I read Camus' Caligula as a depressed sophomore, I was preoccupied with its central argument: what happens when a

The Best Man

As most of our friends have noted, each of the Presidential candidates was, at best, the lesser of two evils.


JAKE: People grow old, things change, people walk through the streets of a city. They open doors, prepare meals, and


Some movies come from long books. Resurrection comes from a long book. Resurrection is some movie. Since Yevgeni Gabrilovich and

That Man from Rio

How do you review a film which every one already knows is funny? You might be perverse and say it

One Potato, Two Potato

You should see the pile of ironing I still have to do, Martha, but that "One Potato, Two Potato" is


Hold on to your noses Salingerphobes, Therese is as obnoxiously psychotic on the screen as Seymour Glass is in print.

The War of the Buttons

When Peter Brook's film version of Lord of the Flics fell smack on its allegorical face last year, it seemed

Heavenly Bodies

"The real behind-the-scenes story of those magazine glamour photographers and their buxomly beautiful models!" So read the notice under the