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A Necessary Evil

W E AGREE that in an ideal world, arms sales are evil. But we feel they are a necessary evil,

Funding Freedom

T HE SITUATION IN El Salvador involves a question of whether a country can undergo its own social revolution free

Less Than Zero

D IPLOMACY IS NOTHING MORE than a game of chess played on the real-world chessboard, they say, and we all

Sympathy for the Vicar

E VER SINCE former soldier Alexander M. Haig Jr. said he wanted to be a "vicar" as a diplomat, Washington

Voting Rights, Found and Lost?

F REEDOM SUMMER," 1964. In one of the early long, hot summers of Negro discontent, a coalition of civil rights

Boycott Biko

W E AGREE with the majority that seniors should not donate money to the University until Harvard completes its divestiture

Steady Course

S ECRETARY OF STATE Alexander M. Haig Jr.'s recent behavior is indeed reprehensible, his military power grabbing sensibility frightful. But

Indiana Whips UNC

The North Carolina Tar Heels journeyed to the NCAA finals for the 6th time in 20 years last night, searching,

Economics Hurts Blacks, Official Says

Michael J. Calhoun, vice-chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission, said last night at the Institute of Politics that Blacks