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Born in the Garden State

There are exactly 308 of us at Harvard, according to the admissions office. We're from New Jersey.

Playing Olympic Games

A S MORE AND MORE PEOPLE get arrested outside South African embassies, as more and more South African officials are

Don't Know Nothin' About History

I N MAY 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education released a damning report on the state of public

Breaking Down Barriers

W HEN GUY WALLACE' '88 WAS looking around at colleges last year, the usual things were on his mind--the professor-student

Two Students Assaulted On Cambridge Common

Two Harvard students were assaulted in the Cambridge Common in separate incidents last week, Harvard police said. On Saturday night,

Council Funds Rugby and PBH

After considering a record number of grant requests, the Undergraduate Council last night doled out half of its fall term

Officials Suspect Prank in Winthrop Fire

The Cambridge Fire Department's Arson Squad and Harvard Police are investigating a suspicious fire in Winthrop House that occured Thursday

Harvard Educators Criticize Report on American Colleges

A new government-sponsored report on American higher education has met with sharp criticism from Harvard professors. The report, entitled "Involvement