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Editorial Notebook: All Glory to the Golfers

If you paid undue attention to your classes last week, you unfortunately neglected the greatest event in sports: the Ryder


In my years at Harvard, I have been called many things, few of them pleasant. If you think I have

Repoliticizing Politics (and Sex)

Regardless of personal or partisan opinion, one must admit that President Clinton has fostered a "national dialogue" superbly. Talk shows

Liberals Phone Home

The small things in life often matter most, for they lack the frivolous and the superfluous that can obscure the

Defining Diversity Down

Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68, made a most peculiar statement in The Crimson last Friday (March 13)

Compassion Gets the Trophy

ESPN recently launched a new venture in cable television, the Classic Sports Network (CSN). The premise of CSN seems strikingly

One Cheer for Apathy

Walter Rathenau called the great wave of humanity that is each generation "the vertical invasion of the barbarians." Every 20

The Lesson of Lewinsky

Bill Clinton's latest imbroglio carries a valuable lesson in self-government. This lesson speaks to the fundamental presumption of democratic self-government,

Gridiron Honor

S ince my thesis writing was less than prodigious this past fall, I spent last week at Harvard while my