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A Time to Reflect

When I think about what I have learned in the past four years, the lessons that come to mind do

Library Lockdown

I know Harvard doesn't trust me. It hires proctors to watch my every move during final exams and provides me

Jamison Discusses High Rates of Depression at Universities

Speaking to a crowd of 500 people last night in Sanders Theatre, Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, a leading expert and

Hollis Gets a New Look, Address

In addition to its physical renovations over the summer, Harvard also underwent some virtual changes. The HOLLIS website, formerly known

Flat-Screens, G4s Arrive in Labs

Macintoshes around campus have gone on a diet. Twenty-four new thin-screen Macintosh G4s can be found in the computer lab

Clinton Awards Galbraith Top Civilian Medal

WASHINGTON--Warburg Professor of Economics emeritus John Kenneth Galbraith was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a White House ceremony

One Small Step For Man

WASHINGTON--Lately, I've been disappointed with the world. Disgusted, perhaps, is a better word. I spent the month of June in

Three's a Crowd: New Student Groups Struggle To Carve Niche

Harvard's 268 student groups cover nearly every imaginable aspect of college life, often many times over. There are 23 organizations

Conference Questions Internet's Role

A who's-who of executives, technology gurus and economists debated the implications of a wired world last week, joining Harvard educators