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Spinning Your Own "Web"

Back in the old days, when kings and queens wanted to hear music, the summoned live musicians to play for


The Internet has been the inspiration for strange and beautiful catch-phrases over the years. Like "cyberspace." And "World Wide Web."

Software Review

Since September, this column has endeavored every week to inform and educate the reader about some facet of the world


Last week I ranted about how those complaining about violations of privacy within Harvard Arts and Sciences Computer Services (HASCS)

'Net No Place for Privacy

Last week, The Crimson published an editorial, using that big ol' font that editorial folks love to use, pointing fingers


So what's the big deal about this new version of Windows? Microsoft has challenged Harvard students to find out. In

The Mail Spool Tragedy

What would postal service be like if everybody used their mailboxes like file cabinets? In fact, many students and faculty

Exploring the World Wide Web

Recently, in an office building in California, a worker connected a camera to his computer and took pictures of the

The Help Desk

People have been telling me over the past few weeks that I've been too easy on. HASCS, the Harvard Arts