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Student Activists, Heed This Advice

I n the spring of 1995, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations wrote

Harvard 64th in Internet Survey

Harvard is used to finishing at the top of nearly every ranking of colleges. But a survey in May's Yahoo!

Professors Are People, Too

I was sitting in one of the corner offices on the first floor of University Hall holding my reporter's notebook

Rudenstine Sparks Cheering

Nearly 25,000 screaming fans were not the only ones going crazy during The Game on Saturday. Showing a rare display

Bane Leaves Clinton Administration

A former Kennedy School professor may return to Harvard after resigning yesterday from her post as assistant secretary for children

Charles River Bacteria Levels Soar

If you are thinking of rowing or sailing on the Charles River, you might want to think again. The Environmental

All-Girls' School: The Right Thing to Do

A mid all the hoopla in the last two weeks about the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Centennial

Buell Leaves Deanship For Teaching

The seniors who graduate today with marks of distinction are not the only ones who have earned high accolades over

GSE Starts Center for Literacy

The Harvard Graduate School of Education (GSE) has received a $12.5 million federal grant to establish a national adult literacy

Law, Kennedy Schools Fill Two Professorships

Two of Harvard's graduate schools filled recently established professorships at their schools this week. The Kennedy School appointed Thomas E.

Racist Graffiti Scrawled on Wall In Thayer Hall

Thayer Hall residents were angered this week by racist graffiti which appeared on the first floor Monday, reading "Niggers go

Trade Professor Martin Gets Tenure in Government Dep't

In the latest of a series of tenures from within the University, Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences Lisa

OCS Is Up to Par

The mismanagement of the Carnegie fellowships by OCS is a serious mistake and the handling of that alone points to

IOP Conference Hopes to Mobilize Young Voters

The Institute of Politics (IOP) plans to launch Youth Vote '96, its effort to bring 12 million people between the

Phillips Nominated for 'Cortege'

"Cortege," a book of poetry written by Carl Phillips '81, has been nominated for the National Book Critics Circle award.