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The Wedding Date Review

It’s My Best Friend’s Wedding all over again, only with a different redhead. This time around, in The Wedding Date,

My Lilly’s Too Pinkalicious

Move over, Martha. Get out of the way, Ralph. There’s a new girl in town (assuming that the term “girl”

Film Review: 13 Going on 30

Directed by Gary Winick Columbia Pictures It is school picture day, 1987: electric blue canvas backdrop, thick brown bangs

If Celebrities Could Write Books

What adjustments must a late-night talk show comedian make in catering to an audience of four-year-olds? Not many, as evidenced

Celebrating Women

In celebration of Women’s History Month, The Harvard Coop has dedicated a small display to recent women’s literature. The titles

Ditz and Glamour

I hope I’ll never know what it’s like to have a New York nervous breakdown, but if the price of

Yeats Biographer, Vendler Reassess Yeats’ Life, Works

It shouldn’t be surprising that an Irish poet and dramatist as prolific as William Butler Yeats elicits similarly verbose responses

Bubblegum Machine

This year, the electronic elves at Barnes & Noble’s online bookstore have recommended an interesting compilation of biographical, fad diet,

Bubblegum Machine: When I Was a Tween

I never thought I’d be one of those people who, at age 20, would start the obnoxious “when I was

Bubblegum Machine

The holiday season is a special time for celebrities—not in the heartwarming, family-oriented, spiritual way, but in the Hollywood media

Bubblegum Machine

My mother and I have long been fans of the traditional TV makeover. My mom’s personal favorite was the Oprah

Bubblegum Machine

As an advertising intern in Manhattan this summer, I couldn’t help but become intensely saturated by media. On a typical

Bubblegum Machine

My first encounter with Harvard was neither at my father’s 20th reunion nor my older brother’s move-in day. I didn’t

Alum Squeezes the Juice Into Battery Campaign

With the help of big-name endorsements from NBA superstar LeBron James and celebrity choreographer Wade Robson, Alan Hall ’89 managed

Dr. Ruth Explores Bestiality, Oral Sex

All things sex-related were fair game Friday afternoon as noted sex therapist and scholar Dr. Ruth Westheimer spoke to hundreds