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Ho, Ho, Jose!

Just a few thoughts I had during my weekly jog with Bill Parcells. All of Boston should send a Christmas

Blood, Guts and...

I've been thinking about this one for a while. I have at last arrived at my answer. A few weeks

Farewell To the Chief

Last night at the Boston garden, the Hub said goodbye to the last of the Big Three. In all likelihood,

Golf: The Unsport

Darren I'm sorry. O.K. now I can begin. I don't understand how anyone can sit down and watch the game

The Magic's Back

Magic is back in L.A. running the show. He's calling the shots, he's the man once again. And as a

Cold War, Eh?

The 12th Winter Olympics have begun. It's time to rekindle the old patriotism. Whip out the flag, eat some apple