Sarah J. Schaffer

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Seeking the Tangible

I knew it had to happen eventually. But in this summer of flux, between Commencement and a hard place, the

We Will Go Home Again

S an Diego has been my home for all my life. But when I came to Harvard, I didn't think

Leaving Hallowed Ground

As I walk through the Yard on a pink evening when the air rests heavily on the trees and the

What Needs to Be Done

T his Harvard of ours offers many advantages: baked brie at masters' teas, weekly lectures on arcane subjects and the

Seeking Money for Memorial Hall

Looking out the window of my fifth-floor Currier House room on a clear day, I can see the landmarks of

Making A House A Home

The day my seven blockmates and I were randomized into Currier House three years ago, I thought my life was

Drinks Before, Not After

A recipe for dinner the evening you attend the Hasty Pudding Show: lots of protein. Lots of drink. And lots

Where the Intellectuals Are

At Harvard, a place known for its scholarship, it is ironically all too easy to forget the academic and the

Dismal TFs Unworthy of Harvard

You would think that for $30,000 a year, we could get a better education than apathetic graduate students teaching eager