Donations and Financial Aid

Donations and Financial Aid

Launched in 1998, The Crimson’s Financial Aid Program enables all Harvard students—regardless of socioeconomic background—to take part in The Crimson by covering their expected tuition contributions each semester. The program has been highly successful, with many participants rising to leadership roles. It has also helped increase socioeconomic and ethnic diversity in the organization.

But the program now faces serious challenges. The number of participants has doubled since 2007, largely due to Harvard’s own efforts to attract students of less affluent backgrounds. These factors are straining The Crimson’s budget, and without additional alumni support, we will be forced to make significant cutbacks.

Our commitment to the program is unwavering, but we need your help.

Many Presidents, Managing Editors, and Business Managers have received aid from The Crimson in recent years, and countless aspiring journalists have had the opportunity to develop their skills because of the Financial Aid Program.

Please help us continue recruiting a strong, diverse staff by making a tax-deductible, charitable contribution to support financial aid at The Harvard Crimson. Your donation and any related investment return will be restricted to paying students on financial aid during the current or future years. Please contact Crimson President Sam Weinstock if you have any questions about matching gifts from employers or if you are interested in donating stock.

We sincerely appreciate your generous and continued support.

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