Samuel Y. Weinstock ’15




Nicholas P. Fandos ’15




Joseph R. Botros ’15




Nikita Kansra ’15, Associate Managing Editor

Elizabeth S. Auritt ’15, News Comp Director

Laura K. Reston ’15, News Comp Director

Laya Anasu ’15, News Executive

Jacob D. H. Feldman ’15, News Executive

Michelle Denise L. Ferreol ’15, News Executive

Melanie A. Guzman ’14, News Executive

Jared T. Lucky ’15, News Executive

Fatima Mirza ’15, Science Page News Executive

Anneli L. Tostar ’15, Science Senior Story Editor




Josh L. Shih ’15, Associate Business Manager

Michelle Lee ’15, Associate Business Manager

Jessica Li '16, Director of Staff Development

Dean Shu '15, Director of Staff Development

Alvin Leung '16, Advertising Manager

Juliet Nelson '16, Advertising Manager

Shang Wang '15, Advertising Manager

Rebecca Hu '16, Circulation and Marketing Manager

Alice Zhao '16, Circulation and Marketing Manager

Jason A. Cernius '15, Operations Manager

Joe Sessions '16, Operations Manager

John P. Finnegan '16, Publishing Manager

Samir Gupta '16, Publishing Manager

Patrick Liu '16, Publishing Manager

Benjamin Scharfstein '16, Technology Manager

Victor C. Wu '16, Technology Manager




Brian L. Cronin ’15, Editorial Chair

Anja C. Nilsson ’15, Editorial Chair

Christopher B. Farley '16, Associate Editorial Editor

John A. Griffin '16, Associate Editorial Editor

Kevin A. Hazlett '16, Associate Editorial Editor

Idrees M. Kahloon '16, Associate Editorial Editor

Lisa J. Mogilanski '15, Associate Editorial Editor

Molly L. Roberts '16, Associate Editorial Editor

Daniel J. Solomon '16, Associate Editorial Editor

Christina M. Teodorescu '16, Associate Editorial Editor

Victor C. Wu '16, Associate Editorial Editor




Natalie T. Chang '15, Arts Chair

Erica X Eisen '16, Arts Chair

Emma R. Adler '16, Associate Arts Editor

Will Holub-Moorman '16, Associate Arts Editor

Abby L. Noyes ’16, Associate Arts Editor

Grace E. Huckins '16, Associate Arts Editor

Tree A. Palmedo '16, Associate Arts Editor

Neha Mehrotra '15, Associate Arts Editor

Se-ho (Brian) B. Kim '15, Associate Arts Editor

David J. Kurlander '17, Associate Arts Editor

Alan R. Xie '16, Associate Arts Editor




John A. Elzinga ’15, Blog Chair

Michelle Denise L. Ferreol '15, Admissions Blog Editor

Abigail Fiedler '15, Flyby Editor

Lynn Miao '16, Flyby Editor

Madeline R. Conway '16, Blog Comp Director

Indrani G. Das '16, Blog Comp Director

John F.M. Kocsis '15, Associate Flyby Editor

Charlotte M. Kreger '15, Associate Flyby Editor

Olivia A. Nicholls '17, Associate Flyby Editor

Joule P. Voelz '17, Associate Flyby Editor

Lauren G. Volpert '17, Associate Flyby Editor




Helen Bae '16, Design Chair

Daniel Yue '16, Design Chair

Jacob Kim '16, Design Comp Director

Emily Mistick '15, Design Comp Director

Hilawi Belachew '16, Online Design Comp Director

Jake Freyer '15, Online Design Comp Director

Michelle Deng '16, Associate Design Editor

Lizbeth Hernandez '16, Associate Design Editor

Lisa Ma '16, Associate Design Editor

Adam Mengestab '16, Associate Design Editor

Caroline Zhang '16, Associate Design Editor




Libby R. Coleman ’15, FM Chair

Peter E. Menz ’15, FM Chair

Nicole Levin '15, Editor-at-Large

Bailey Trela '16, FM Comp Director

Keyon Vafa '16, FM Comp Director

Marina Molarsky-Beck '15, Associate FM Editor

Olivia Munk '16, Associate FM Editor

Lily Sugrue '16, Associate FM Editor

Colton Valentine '16, Associate FM Editor

Amy L. Weiss-Meyer '15, Associate FM Editor




Tiana A. Abdulmassih ’15, Multimedia Chair

Zorigoo Tugsbayar ’15, Multimedia Chair

Shunella G. Lumas ’15, Multimedia Editor-at-Large

Nathalie Miraval '14, Multimedia Comp Director

Jennifer Yao '16, Multimedia Comp Director

Rohan Goel '15, Associate Multimedia Editor

Chris Magnani '15, Associate Multimedia Editor

Sarah P. Reid '15, Associate Multimedia Editor

Robert F. Worley '15, Associate Multimedia Editor

Gigi M. N. Kisela ’17, Associate Multimedia Editor

George J. Lok ‘16, Associate Multimedia Editor

Madeline R. Lear ’17, Associate Multimedia Editor

Connie Yan ’16, Associate Multimedia Editor

John Y. C. Wang ‘16, Associate Multimedia Editor




Cordelia F. Mendez ’16, Sports Chair

Juliet Spies-Gans ’15, Sports Chair

Michael D. Ledecky ’16, Sports Comp Director

Hope Schwartz ’16, Sports Comp Director

Ty Aderhold ’16, Associate Sports Editor

David P. Freed ’16, Associate Sports Editor

Brenna R. Nelsen ’15, Associate Sports Editor

David Steinbach ’16, Associate Sports Editor

Samantha Lin ’16, Associate Sports Editor

Jacob W. Lynch ’16, Associate Sports Editor

Justin C. Wong ’16, Associate Sports Editor




Samuel M. Fishman '16, Director of Web Development




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