Mariel A. Klein ’17

Managing Editor

Meg P. Bernhard ’17

Business Manager

Leia N. Wedlund ’17


Noah J. Delwiche ’17, Associate Managing Editor
Ivan B. K. Levingston ’17, Associate Managing Editor
Karl M. Aspelund '17, News Comp Director
R. Blake Paterson '17, News Comp Director
Michael S. Avi-Yonah '17, News Executive
Theodore R. Delwiche '17, News Executive
Kristina D. Lorch '17, News Executive
Celeste M. Mendoza '17, News Executive
Jill E. Steinman '17, News Executive
Kamara A. Swaby '17, Senior Story Editor—Blog
Zara Zhang '17, Senior Story Editor


M. Hanl Park ’18, Associate Business Manager
Michael B. Sacks ’17, Associate Business Manager
Lauren S. Ge ’18, Director of Staff Development
Christopher J. Huh ’18, Director of Staff Development
Priscilla Lee ’17, Advertising Manager
Dylan M. Polachi ’18, Advertising Manager
ZiZi Zhang ’18, Advertising Manager
Lydia J. Deng ’17, Operations Manager
Willie H. Jin ’18, Operations Manager
Matthew Wu ’17, Operations Project Manager
Sean P. Fahey ’18, Publishing Manager
Charlene Y. Hwang ’18, Publishing Manager
Christine H. Zhang ’18, Publishing Manager
Alvin Wei ’18, Publishing Project Manager
Brian Wei ’18, Publishing Project Manager
Kyle Kwong ’17, Technology Manager
Jessica M. Zhu ’18, Technology Manager


Nelson L. Barrette ’17, Editorial Chair
Ryan P. O’Meara ’18, Editorial Chair
Derek K. Choi ’18, Editorial Comp Director
Nian Hu ’18, Editorial Comp Director
Lily K. Calcagnini ’18, Associate Editorial Editor
Juan V. Esteller ’19, Associate Editorial Editor
Samuel H. Koppelman ’18, Associate Editorial Editor
Franklin R. Li ’17, Associate Editorial Editor
Wonik Son ’19, Associate Editorial Editor


Ha D. H. Le ’17, Arts Chair
Victoria Lin ’17, Arts Chair
Adriano O. Iqbal ’18, Editor-at-Large
Shaun V. Gohel ’18, Arts Comp Director
Elizabeth C. Keto ’18, Arts Comp Director
Charlotte L. R. Anrig ’18, Associate Arts Editor
Tianxing V. Lan '18, Associate Arts Editor
Trevor J. Levin '19, Associate Arts Editor
J. Thomas Westbrook ’18, Associate Arts Editor
Aziz B. Yakub '18, Associate Arts Editor
Emily Zhao '19, Associate Arts Editor


Katherine J. Cohen ’18, Blog Chair
Eva S. Monroe ’18, Blog Chair
Betty Anne Richardson ’18, Blog Comp Director
Isabel A. Wagner ’18, Blog Comp Director
Brandon J. Dixon ’19, Associate Blog Editor
Nian Hu ’18, Associate Blog Editor
Caie C. Kelley ’18, Associate Blog Editor
Geoffrey F. Martello ’17, Associate Blog Editor
Olivia A. Nicholls ’17, Associate Blog Editor
Kyle E. O’Hara ’18, Associate Blog Editor
Ignacio Sabate ’18, Associate Blog Editor


Nadia X. Haile ’17, Design Chair
Ashley Zhou ’17, Design Chair
Jingxiu Jin, '18, Design Comp Director
Vivian W. Wan ’18, Design Comp Director
Tony W. Li ’17, Web Design Comp Director
Khalid Tawil ’18, Web Design Comp Director
Derek K. Choi ’18, Associate Design Editor
Nathan A. Cummings ’18, Associate Design Editor
Tiffany K. Lam ’18, Associate Design Editor
Caleb Y. Lee ’17, Associate Design Editor
Uju S. Nwosu ’17, Associate Design Editor
Shivangi Parmar ’17, Associate Design Editor
Sylvie Rubin-Budick ’17, Associate Design Editor
Jessica M. Zhu ’18, Associate Design Editor

Fifteen Minutes

Maia R. Silber ’17, FM Chair
Lena K. Felton ’17, FM Chair
Joshua A. Goldstein ’17, Editor-at-Large
Molly E. Wharton ’17, Editor-at-Large
Ben G. Cort ’18, FM Comp Director
Laura E. Hatt ’18, FM Comp Director
Nathan A. Cummings ’18, Associate FM Editor
C. Ramsey Fahs ’18, Associate FM Editor
Emma K. Talkoff ’18, Associate FM Editor
Emily B. Zauzmer ’18, Associate FM Editor


Thomas W. Franck ’17, Multimedia Chair
Sidni M. Frederick ’17, Multimedia Chair
Annie E. Schugart ’18, Editor-at-Large
Madeline R. Lear '17, Editor-at-Large
Lauren A. Sierra '19 - Multimedia Comp Director
Savannah I. Whaley ’18, Multimedia Comp Director
Isabella S. Beroutsos, '18, Associate Multimedia Editor
Katherine L. Borrazzo ’18, Associate Multimedia Editor
Matthew W. DeShaw ’18, Associate Multimedia Editor
Cynthia Guo '19 - FM, Associate Multimedia Editor
Megan M. Ross '18, Associate Multimedia Editor
Jessica M. Wang ’18, Associate Multimedia Editor
Helen Y. Wu '19, Associate Multimedia Editor


Julio C. Fierro ’17, Sports Chair
Ariel Smolik-Valles ’17, Sports Chair
Stephen J. Gleason ’18, Sports Comp Director
Theresa C. Hebert ’17, Sports Comp Director
Troy Boccelli ’18, Associate Sports Editor
Kurt T. Bullard ’17, Associate Sports Editor
Sam H. Danello ’18, Associate Sports Editor
Caleb Y. Lee ’17, Associate Sports Editor
Jake T. Meagher ’17, Associate Sports Editor
Katherine H. Scott ’18, Associate Sports Editor

Web Development

Pradeep Niroula ’18, Director of Web Development
Samuel Kaplan '18, Director of Web Development