Hove Hates on Harvard

If there’s one thing everyone knows a Harvard degree will get you, it’s street cred. Right?  Well, not if you want to get respect from Jay-Z. In his new single, “What More Can I Say,” Hove drops a lyrical H-bomb on fair Harvard, writing of his ascent to the top, “Far from a Harvard student/just had the balls to do it.”

Whether this is a backhanded diss at the equipment available from Harvard’s male population can be left to section discussion in Marcyliena Morgan’s Afro-American Studies 153, “Hip Hop America: Power, Politics, and the Word.”  But believe it or not, Jigga’s latest lyrics are just the last in a long line of Harvard references in hip-hop, as well as rock.  FM has compiled a brief list of rap and rock lyrics representing for Veritas.

Chubb Rock

Album: I Gotta Get Mine Yo

Song: I’m The Man

“Hypothetically speaking

Who’s speaking at the function

Well it’s some genius who lives by the Junction

He’s coming from a Harvard socialite luncheon”


Album: Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

Song: Ends

“I knew this cat named Darrell, he didn’t have a dollar

He was Harvard material, Ivy League scholar

Had a Ph. D. , had an M. B. A.

But now he’s waiting tables cause there’s rent to pay ”