Gossip Guy

Gossip Guy confronted the occupational hazards of his profession head-on after last week’s column.  Barbed e-mails, icy stares and sternly worded voicemails were Gossip Guy’s reward for a week of relationship-ending lies, emasculating innuendos and official university policy violating rumors in recognition of Valentine’s Day. And, unsurprisingly, OSHA was nowhere to be found.  

In honor of those whose social capital has fallen (and fallen fast), Gossip Guy has decided, for one week and one week only, to endeavor for a column that couldn’t possibly offend anyone. Yet, invariably, it will offend someone, so check back next week to find out whom.

World Forecasts for February 26, 2004

(courtesy of weather.com )

                  HI                LOW          Conditions

Cambridge, MA    37°                18°            Sunny

Buenos Aires   86°                72°       Mostly Sunny

Mexico City      71°                41°       Mostly Sunny

Khartoum       99°                80°     Partly Cloudy

Port-au-Prince   90°                73°      Partly Cloudy

Paris     39°                24°      Partly Cloudy

Jakarta       86°                77° Scattered T-storms

Hanoi            70°                65°           Cloudy

New York         42°                 27°            Sunny

London           40°                30°       Mostly Sunny

Cape Town       80°                 67°             Sunny