Party on Wayne

Summer has turned to autumn, and the sun has gone into some serious hibernation. Many of you are probably thinking, does that mean there will be no more parties for me to go to? The answer is no. There will still be some parties. Here are FM’s suggestions for some hot party themes.

The Underwear Party:

Have a party and don’t invite anyone, and the next day, tell everybody that they missed your party and that no one came. Everyone will feel bad for you and go to the party you will host the next day. Music suggestion: “Chumbawumba.”

The Backwards Party:

You begin the night at a girl/guy’s room, and they ask you to leave because they don’t feel comfortable and things are moving too fast, and both of you walk backwards to the party learning less and less about each other, thinking less and less that, hey, this could work out maybe, and you get to the party and dance less and less intimately, until you realize you have never met. Then you are both born.

The Current Party:

A party for college students, by college students, with college students from around the country. You get REAL drinks and party with REAL Newsweek editors and it’s just like the REAL world.