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Where To Find Legal Fire

Bright red “Do Not Use Fireplace” stickers can be pretty nice for cuddling up to on a cold Harvard night. But sometimes the heart desires more—like a blazing fire. Here’s where to find one:


Okay, sure, it’s actually a brick oven for making pizza in...but hey, it’s just as warm. Added perk: unlike an ordinary fireplace, it makes Italian food, so enjoy a slice of their delicious pizza to warm you inside as well as out.


Here’s where to head if you’re looking for the good old-fashioned kind of fireplace, along with burgers and—for the over-21 crowd—beer. Another glimpse of John Harvard, just without the urine-soaked foot.


Warm up to your tutor as you warm up in general. Send an e-mail asking to talk about your problems, bring some hot tea—and chances are they won’t even mind that you’re using them for heat.

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