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Get Candy From Your Prof

Homesickness, the cold, and sugar cravings may be a deadly combination, but there’s a solution. Hit up the nearby homes of these profs and play the child again—and don’t forget the plastic Jack-O-Lanterns.

Professor Markus M. Mobius, 56 Kirkland St.

Not only does Mobius have his own profile, but his favorite movie is Terminator 2. Just imagine the kind of candy he gives out.

Professor Reverend Peter J. Gomes, 21 Kirkland St.

Despite living practically next door to Memorial Hall, Gomes reports through his secretary that he has not been visited by a trick-or-treater in over 35 years. Pay him a visit at the bright yellow house next to Lowell Lecture Hall and break that streak.

Professor Robert D. Putnam, 997 Memorial Dr.

Students of Putnam’s Government 90qa, “Community in America,” were quite familiar with the short walk down Memorial Drive—the class met regularly at his home. Help him build social capital and get some candy, too.

Professor Robert M. Woollacott, 19 Chauncy St.

Here’s an opportunity for all those venturing to and from the Quad this Halloween. Why take the shuttle when you can get free candy along the way?