Sophomore’s Mommy Sends Mummy

Pseudo-artistic framed photos—check. Half-full handle of Gordon’s Vodka—check. Life-sized mummy—check?

That’s an item the ladies of Kirkland F-11 can check off their list of dorm room must-haves. Thanks to Jayne F. Wolfson ’08’s eager mom, this first floor suite has become a refuge of Halloween spirit. A “Danger: Haunted House” sign beckons one inside, where hair-raising black crows haunt the ceilings and the coffee table has been taken over by candy-filled plastic pumpkins. And then, of course, there’s the embalmed body in the corner.

Wolfson’s mum, a lover of all things festive, sent the mummy a few weeks ago—to the surprise of her daughter. “We thought we were getting Halloween decorations,” said Wolfson. “Instead, we got a life-size mummy.”

The ancient dark green creature’s size does create awkward dorm situations. “We have to give a spiel whenever we bring somebody over, just so they don’t freak out,” said roommate Pearl D. Houghteling ’08 as she eyed the clean yet creepy creature. “It’s really scary. We jump a little bit every time we walk in.”

Sometimes, it seems, scaring really is caring.