Mayan Ruins, the Eiffel Tower, And—Baked Cod?

“1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” a 974-page tome, speaks of the frosty landscape of Antarctica, the 200-ton stone figures of Easter Island, and the towering Egyptian pyramids in tones of awe. But figuratively nestled among these geographic gems is a more unlikely wonder: Legal Sea Foods, the family-run, 50-year-old seafood restaurant chain based in Boston.

The book’s publisher claims on its website that the book includes “all the places guaranteed to give you the shivers.” (The shivers of steamed flounder and, if you order right, gluten-free desserts.)

FM asked Megan Kingston, the Charles Square restaurant manager, if she would have included Legal on her do-before-I-croak list.

“I’ve worked here for ten years,” said Kingston, straightfaced. “So, probably.”

But bartender Dan Gibson was a little more skeptical. “I just think it’s hilarious that it’s put on the level of museums and stuff like that.”

Stuff like Machu Picchu. And Antarctica.

However, waiter Curt Gilbert opined that Legal should have occupied not one, but 31 spots on the list. After all, “all 31 locations are different!”