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Hotter Than a Shivering Snow Man

Forget the snowmen, snowball fights, and snow angels. We know you’re too cool. Some hotter ways to enjoy the cold Harvard winters:

Dickson Bros. True Value (26 Brattle St.)

Check out this hardware store’s vast array of snow shovels, ranging from $12.49 to $25.99. Embrace the holiday spirit, pick up one in red or green, and block your least favorite entryway with a mound of snow. The store also sells plastic disks, toboggans, and inflatable tubes—all under $10, and just as effective at door-blocking.

Eastern Mountain Sports (1 Brattle Square)

Already buying your Northface and snow pants at EMS? The truly daring and snow-savvy should scope out the store’s other options. With sleds that range from the $24 Swiss-Bob to the $279 Hammerhead, EMS is the sure spot for those students who want everything but their grades to go downhill.

Your local dining hall

While grabbing hot chocolate and marshmallows to beat the cold, students have also been known to take advantage of another dining hall commodity—the trays. With tray in hand, head over to the imposing steps of Widener and have a sledding experience that only the world’s largest university library can provide.

The Yard’s snow, plenty of water...and a bit of imagination

When the 2003 men’s crew team constructed a nine-foot snow penis in Tercentenary Theater, even The Economist found the erection exciting. Those not daring enough to construct their own should stay on the lookout for this year’s latest Yard work of art. We hear watching is almost as pleasurable as doing it yourself.

Campus walking paths

Finally had enough of bikers cutting you off on their way to class? Take revenge by practicing your aim with these convenient moving targets. Ten extra points if your snow ball hits a rider off his bike.