Crashing the White House

Corey M. Rennell

Eight lucky Winthrop residents will move into the White House next year. Unfortunately, this White House is on Memorial Drive.

Winthrop’s so-called White House, which sits between Old Leverett and Winthrop, is usually the stomping grounds of visiting faculty. But its three suites, full kitchen, and large third-floor open space were reserved for undergraduates this year as a result of the Hasty Pudding’s renovation, says Karen Reiber, assistant to the Winthrop House masters.

In a process bearing little resemblance to the politics of its namesake, the house was apportioned to eight students last week in a fair, open lottery.

The move appears to be the most unconventional result yet of the Pudding construction, which will also push freshmen into Claverly, but the Winthrop blocking group isn’t complaining.

“We’re really excited,” says Jennifer G. Raymond, one of the eight girls who will share their own private house next year.

Also unlike that other White House, residence in the Victorian pad will be a one-year event only, and the University has no plans to implement term limits on next year’s residential situation, Reiber says.