The End is Near, Astronomer Says

Hollywood puts Harvard in some weird places, but an evangelical psychodrama? Somewhere, Method Man is getting really jealous.

NBC’s latest attempt at a prime-time hit stars Bill Pullman as a Harvard astrophysicist whose biggest discovery is that, as the show’s posters advertise, “The End is Near.”

Meanwhile, actual Harvard astrophysicists wallow in boring things like “spectroscopy,” “scattering theory,” and “collision processes,” according to the course description for Astronomy 251—the highest-numbered astronomy course offered this year and therefore a definitive source.

Maybe they should take a hint from “Dr. Richard Massey,” whose biggest breaks have come from the wisdom of a nun.

Or maybe NBC President Jeff Zucker ’86 ought to steal a different piece of theological wisdom: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."