Designer: Maya E. Frommer '07

Laura C. Mckiernan


“Shopping involves a cost-benefit analysis: think about the future, economize resources, and maximize awesome,” says Maya E. Frommer ’07.

With this strategy in mind, Frommer heads towards The Garment District.

“We’re looking for black pinstripes, items that are corporate inspired,” Frommer shouts as she digs through mounds of discarded clothes.

“I have a good idea of what I’m going to do...I spent my summer working for Shinsei, a bank in Tokyo. It was super-corporate,” she says. “But at night, I wore these crazy outfits. I could get away with wearing anything.” Her outfit, she explains, will merge those worlds.

Frommer hits the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores next. She picks up a pinstripe skirt, an Isaac Mizrahi button-down, and an enormous pair of pinstripe pants. “Size doesn’t matter, all I’m looking for is fabric,” Frommer says. Resembling a stylish Saint Nick, Frommer returns to Eliot House hauling an over-stuffed plastic bag.

A few hours later, bits of pinstriped fabric are strewn across her floor.

“I’ve cut everything to size,” Frommer says between sneezes at her sewing machine. “I’m really allergic to these fabrics!”

Still unsatsified, Frommer keeps bargain-hunting in the Habitat for Humanity donation bin, fashioning a corset from her finds.

By the next morning, Frommer has revamped her corset. However, the ruffled layers of her skirt aren’t coming together. “What the hell is going on with my sewing machine? This is not the time!”

Frommer completes the outfit, with time to shower and $3.15 in change.

Just before the show, slight panic sets in. “Oh my God, this doesn’t really cover my butt that well,” Frommer says. Emergency safety pinning ensues. “I really want to wear this to a job interview. But then I’d either get the job or be blacklisted from banking forever,” Frommer says.


Aesthetics/Style: 7.5

Creativity: 9

Craftsmanship: 8.5

Je ne sais quoi: 7.75

Overall: 8.1875